Lizard – page 60 – Acting on paper

April 2, 2010

This page is the first in a series of very challenging pages. No big action, no frames, only me trying to act out feelings on paper.

This is a scene of memory’s, and therefore no frames. If I had frames to work with I could rely on showing one state of emotion after the other, without worrying too much about readability. But with no frames I have to act out the scene in a flowing motion. Or that was at least my hopes.

I love this kind of challenge. Because for me at least, it is the most difficult. Drawing emotions is a lot of small hints, movement and expressions, put together to form an overall feeling of emotions. It is the small things that count.

I Think it’s hard to do, and I love it. It’s what fascinates me with people, and those very talented artists who masters it. Need I mention any names? Ok I will. Will Eisner, Craig Thomson, Prado and Dave McKean is just some of the really good ones in my opinion.


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