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One day till MOCCA

April 9, 2011

Today we (the Danish deligation) went to Desert Island to see and meet Peter Bagge (Hate). Fantastic comic-shop, full of all the best indie and small-press comics you can think of.
Latter we headed over to Burgenstreet Comics for the release of the C’est Bon and Rabid Rabbid collaboration flip-book called Square One.




MOCCA art festival 9-10 april 2011

February 23, 2011

I’m very exited to announse, that both my publisher “Accent UK”, my colleges at “C’est Bon” and I, myself, will be present at this years MOCCA Art Festival in New York.

Is ready looking forward to meet all of you there.


Variations – C’est Bon Anthology

May 17, 2010

For C’est Bon Anthology vol. 11 the theme is “Variations”. We are doing variations on comics from ealier volumes. All done by members or former members of C’est Bon Kultur.

Here is a little sneakpeak of my variation on Jamil Manis “The Passage”, in my version called “Room”.


Cest Bon Anthology vol.10

April 6, 2010

Vol.10 has just arrived from the printer. Looks good. And I can’t deny that it makes me a little proud to see my artwork on the cover.


C’est Bon Anthology vol. 10 cover

January 22, 2010

I have had the honors of doing the cover for the C’est Bon Anthology vol. 10, coming out later this year.

Right now vol. 9 has just come out, so go over til and look at this current exelent publication 🙂

Here is a step by step walkthrough of how the cover came to be…

CBA vol10 cover step 1


CBA vol10 cover step 1

Start inking

CBA vol10 cover step 3

More inks

CBA vol10 cover step 4

Final inks

CBA vol10 cover step 5

Final art and overlay inks for the shadow

CBA vol10 cover-art

Final cover-art. Lineart with overlay, and flat colors don in Photoshop.


Cestbon anthology 7

June 27, 2009

Well well, the Cestbon anthology 7 is finally here. And for the first time with a short comic by me. I’m very proud of being part of this publication and being among such great and skilled artists.

If you like comics done in different and interesting styles, with all kinds of subject-matter, the Cestbon anthology is probably something for you.

Please go to there website at and take a look at all there great publications.

Cestbon Anthology 7 - cover

Cestbon Anthology 7 - The Troll

The Cestbon anthology 7 will soon be available at there online store. I will make a post about it when it is up.