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ÆON page: step by step

June 9, 2011






Comic Geek Speaks episode 951 – Indie Spotlight

October 29, 2010

Comic Geek Speaks 951 - The Man of Glass

Go listen to these guys. I have been following there podcast for about 6 years now and they are still great.

In this episode its all indie and I got to be one of them, talking about my comic-book “The Man of Glass”.

Get episode on iTunes: Comic Geek Speaks 951 – Indie Spotlight

Go to there website:


The Man of Glass in Previews

October 2, 2010

Look for my comic-book “The Man of Glass” in this months Previews catalog. Page 218 under Accent UK.

It’s the first time for me being in Previews with some of my work. So, I’m very exited about what will happen, and how well it will do.

The Man Of Glass (English)
42 pages, full color

Order-code: OCT100732

Watch the trailer


Lizard – Fine-tuning some artwork

June 30, 2010

It’s time to look at my “Lizard” project again. Have to fine-tune some pages and refine some artwork.
Right now I’m re-doing most of page 26. It was not strong enough.

Lizard, New page 26, Martin Flink


Lizard – final page

June 4, 2010

Final page of the “Lizard” don and over. Now it is going to lay hidden away for a month.
I will return to it, look it through and make some minor changes to it, when I have got it all out of my system and can look at it with fresh eyes again.


Astonishing Reviews – on “The Man Of Glass”

May 31, 2010

Please go read this: